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Tidslommen / The Time Warp

History for kids and youngsters. An interactive game combining accurate historical facts and fictional drama, told in animated video sequences, with various Augmented Reality games; seek-and-find, dilemma games, help build a tower... 

A time-travelling guide invites the user into a Medieval universe, where you can interact with the characters and help drive the story onwards.

Made in collaboration with Museum Vestsjælland, Apex Virtual Entertainment and Character Localization. 

The game is geo-located and can only be played on the locations

Released August 2018

History Breaking News

Telling history in contemporary terms. 

The bombing of Copenhagen in 1807, during the British-Danish wars.


The British-Danish wars

Welcome to the website


Here you can experience, learn and evaluate your knowledge of  what happened during the wars between Denmark and Brittain in the period 1801-14. In four digital chapters we bring the history to live through historical dokuments, paintings, narratives in tekst and audio, and 3D rekonstruktions, inspired by the artists of the time. In the websites gallery you can browse for additional information of the epoch and important events, and get inspiration for interesting museums to visit. is financially supported by Tips og Lottomidlerne, the Danish Ministry of Education.

Breaking News

Revolution is in the air in Copenhagen, march 21, 1848. The citizens are gathering in the streets, walking to the castle Christiansborg, at large 12.000 people, who demands extensive reforms from the king. When the King Frederik VII announces that he will meet all the demands, the masses cheer in joy.


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