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Historiske Dage - Historical Days

2019, march 30-31. Attending the annual history fair in Copenhagen with the living diorama model - a scale 1:6 WW1 german trench with a 3D FumeFx animation background.

We were particularly pleased to see that the visiting kids and youngsters were fascinated and inspired by the piece. Martinus, 8 years old, visited our station three times on saturday - and returned with his mother sunday - he had to show her the piece too. Afterwards, we were told, he rushed home to build the trench in lego. And send us some very nice pics of his creation.

The human fascination of miniature models of the world never seizes...

The living Diorama

Work in progres...

Working on a classical Diorama model, scale 1:6, creating a WW 1 German Trench. Still far from done, these pics are from a work in progress.

The background will be 3D FumeFx animations, an attack is going on...

Finally, we would like to add a scary AR experience. Imagine that you put on a gasmask, a VR goggle in disguise, that is. Inside the mask you hear the sounds of explotions and a heavy breathing. As you look through the glasses you can se the trench before you, and the emergency shelter of the trench appers in Augmentet Reality around you. You find your self inside the scene...

Its going to be gruesome, scary and really horrible! Just like war is! This is not glorifying the war - it's showing its horrors.

And by the way: this is just one example of mixing the classic, oldschool diorama - and hence the all-times human fascination of small scale models of the world - with the very latest tecnical tools, to tell a living story.

It might just as well have been a beautiful rennaisance scenery, told by the same means.

July 2018

Did he make it - is he just sleeping...

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